Dent Repair


Can You Really Live With That Dent?

Everyone has had one or at least most of us have. Whether it is as the result of our own actions or the result of a careening shopping cart or a curb that is just a little too high, more often than not a dent on our vehicle is something that we just tend to live with. Every morning we walk out to our vehicle and pretend not to notice the eyesore yet every morning we see it. It is there and it will not just magically disappear one day.

Most of us put it off temporarily or choose to live with it for the life our vehicle for two simple reasons; Cost and time. We tell ourselves that we cannot afford to spend the money on a cosmetic repair or we cannot afford to be without our vehicle for the time it takes to be without our vehicle. At Franklin Ford Collision we take pride in alleviating those two concerns.

Dent repair has come a long way since you accidentally dented your parent’s car. With advancements in technology and engineering a simple dent can be repaired efficiently and affordably in just a matter of hours. Our Certified Technicians are constantly upgrading their skills and learning the latest ways to fix dents effectively.

A couple of points to consider before putting off that unsightly dent repair; if you do not repair the dent your vehicle has a much higher chance of rusting around the dented area if there has been some paint removed and secondly if you plan on selling your car in the future a dent is a serious red flag for potential buyers.

Stop just living with your car and start to love it again. Remember if you are going to get it done get it done right with the top quality technicians at Franklin Ford Collision.