Ford Aluminum Certified


Ford Aluminum Certified Repair Facility

We are ready! Franklin Ford Collision is proud to announce that we are one of Tennessee’s first FORD ALUMINUM CERTIFIED COLLISION REPAIR FACILITIES! We can make aluminum repairs on your new 2015 Ford F-150!

The F-Series is far and away Ford’s best-selling model! Ford’s redesigned 2015 F150 will have aluminum body panels — part of what helps save the light-duty pickup truck up to 700 pounds (crew cab versus crew cab) compared to its steel-bodied predecessor. The results should be a boon for fuel economy for our 2015 trucks and future models.

We will be ready to repair your truck when the time comes. We are always keeping up with our certifications and training to provide you with the best service and repair in Franklin, Tennessee!

F-150 Aluminum vs. Steel — Built Ford Tough!

Consumer Reports on Aluminum Repairs vs. Steel Repairs

This Consumer Reports video does not imply an endorsement for either Ford Motor Company nor Franklin Ford Collision Center. Rather it is here to inform the consumer on the new aluminum body frame repair process and cost comparisons for the 2015 Ford F-150 trucks vs. the older steel-based models.