Windshield repair


How Much Is That Crack In Your Windshield

You are traveling down the road, the sun is shining and you haven’t a care in the world. Then it happens. A rock piece of airborne gravel decides that your windshield is the perfect place to touch down.

At first the small web like indentation causes you more annoyance than concern but over time that will change. As you drive around for the next little while you will notice the indentation start to grow legs, cracks that will slowly begin to stretch outward in a slow but steady attempt to traverse your entire windshield and your vehicles structural integrity. That is when your annoyance will become a concern, or it should be.

Everyday you drive your vehicle with a crack on your windshield the pressure on the structure of the glass grows. When the glass is sufficiently weakened your windshield is at risk of shattering at the most inopportune time.

It doesn’t always happen that way, sometimes the crack just spreads enough to obscure your visibility which in certain conditions can be just as much of a hazard. It really comes down to this; is it really worth the risk to save a small expense? Quite simply it is not.

So here is the question; what does it cost to repair that annoying chip in my windshield, how long does it take and where can I get it done right now?

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